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Water Meter

The main water meter is a fantastic tool to assist a person become a water sensible consumer. Acquire information on how to check the main meter and monitor water consumption in your home.

The main meter is located outside the residence in a closed container along with a consumer-valve and a curb-stop. Community water distributors control the curb-stop whereas homeowners kick on or switch off water availability to their homes with the consumer-valve. On the face of the water meter you will find a sweep handle, meter-register and a leak detector. The meter-register is composed of black and white digits recording water carried inside. A water leak detector is a star or triangle molded mechanism that revolves to imply water consumption.

Your main meter is a great tool to use for leak detection. Oddly high digits on the meter register imply water depletion. Given that you frequently check the main meter, you can detect buried leaks swiftly and conserve a lot of water that any other way will merely go down the drain. Elevated utility charges, steady noise of dripping water when water flow is switched off, hot stains on floors or broken walls all imply water leaks in or around your residence.

Approve or eliminate the chances of water leaks with the main meter test. Record the digits displayed on your meter-register. Avoid water consumption overnight. This involves not running washing machines or dishwashers, not flushing toilets, not showering or switching on faucets. The following day have a second look at your main meter. Higher digits on the meter register imply a water leak in or around your residence.

Take fast action in a situation of water leak. Summon an emergency plumbing service provider to resolve the dripping origin or change a kinked fixture before severe water related damage takes place in your residence.

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