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Piping and fitting form the water supply pipe network as well as the drain-waste-vent (DWV) of your plumbing system. Carrying fresh water to your plumbing fixtures and leading waste water away from your home to the sanitary sewer and main - pipes are fundamental to the optimal operation of the entire plumbing system. Fittings enable the construction of an effective pipe network, making possible joining together or branching out pipes, as well as turning corners and even controlling the diameter of a given water pipe.

Water flowing in pipes can cause all kinds of alarming sounds:

Creaks/ cracking: As hot water flows through a metal pipe, it heats the pipe causing a slight pipe expansion. Once water stops running, the metal pipe cools off and contracts, resulting in a creaking or cracking noise.

Rattling: Water pressure running through a loosely attached pipe causes slight pipe vibration. The rattling sound is created as a loose pipe vibrates against something solid.

Whistling: Water flowing through a restricted section of the plumbing causes a whistling sound. Restriction can be in the form of built up sediment in the pipe or a defective washer or valve.

Banging/ Water Hammer: Water running through pipes contains energy. Without proper air cushions in pipe to absorb water energy - water flow that is suddenly stopped will send a shock wave through the pipe with a sound resembling hammering or loud banging.

Listen to your water pipes, it's telling you it needs professional pipe plumbing repair. If left neglected, noisy water pipes will intensify into major plumbing emergencies. Other pipe plumbing emergencies include freezing pipes, leaking pipes, clogged pipes, and broken pipes.

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