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Drain - Emergency Plumbing

Drain plumbing is one of the three components of drain-waste-vent system; a gradually sloped downward drain line removes, with the force of gravity, waste water from plumbing fixtures and out of the house. A single drain line joins each plumbing fixture to a central drain system which in turn connects to a city sewer or septic system. Each drain must be served by a vent or pipe line that elevates sewer gasses out through the roof. As waste water runs down and out of a drain line, outside air rushes into the open end of the vent, and fills the space formed in the pipe.

Drains are protected by P or S shaped traps (in between plumbing fixture and drain line) that contain water to prevent sewer gasses and odors from entering the house. Drains can become clogged or blocked with solid waste build up in the pipe line. If your toilet, sink, shower and bath drain unusually slowly, most probably a major clog has settled beyond the joining points of single and central drains.

Our Emergency Drain Plumbing Services include but are not limited to:

If your plumbing fixtures drain slowly, or not at all, call your local emergency plumber to snake away any form of drain blockage. Find your local plumber from the list below:

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