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Gas - Emergency Plumbing & Repair

A gas leak refers to an escape of natural gas from a gas pipe into a living area. Natural and more efficient than electricity, gas is a popular home fuel. Natural gas is odorless and colorless, so deadly gas leaks have the potential to go unnoticed. Some companies add a harmless chemical to create a distinctive odor, so that people can easily detect gas leaks. As natural gas explodes when exposed to flame or sparks, never try to D.I.Y repair a gas leak - it is an emergency that should be handled by professional plumbers only.

In an event of a strong gas odor evacuate your house. Do not use phones or cellular, and don't make any type of electrical connection in the house. A "hissing" sound indicates gas escape, only attempt to turn off your gas meter, but do it with professional guidance on the phone. If you don't hear a hissing sound, but the test dial is turning when no gas appliances are on, it can also be a gas leak. Once outside the house, contact your licensed plumber to have your emergency gas leak quickly resolved. Find your local plumber from the list below:

Taking every day precautions can help prevent emergency gas leaks. Don't fix or service gas appliances yourself, unless you are a professional plumber. Don't leave any inflammable materials near gas appliances, and don't block ventilation openings. Keep gas ovens clean from fat or food debris.

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